One size does not fit all.

Especially in nonprofit-agency partnerships. That’s why we offer highly configurable direct response fundraising services to fit your organization’s unique needs.

New Member Acquisition and Lapsed Donor Reinstatement

Your nonprofit can expect to lose 10% or more of its donor file each year to natural attrition. That’s why new donor acquisition and lapsed donor reinstatement is an integral part of your membership program, whether you’re maintaining your donor base or investing in its growth.

Our experts can provide your organization with proven multichannel acquisition strategy and implementation services for test campaigns and ongoing programs. Our services include direct mail, email, web and face-to-face acquisition and reinstatement strategy, creative and implementation management.

MKDM can also work with your organization on long-range acquisition planning to identify the optimal volume, channel mix, approaches and annual investment to meet your long-range development goals and budget.

Member/Donor Renewal and Special Campaign Implementation

MKDM offers data-driven strategies to cultivate deeper relationships with your organization’s most valuable asset: your donors.

Our professionals can work with you to structure multichannel response-generating membership, annual fund and special appeal programs designed to raise more money and involve more donors in your mission.

MKDM-designed programs can help you increase response rates, upgrade more donors, boost giving frequency, improve lifetime value, and inspire donors to take action for your organization’s important issues.

Monthly and Mid-Level Giving Program Development and Management

Retaining donors and strengthening their loyalty and investment in your organization is paramount to your development program’s success.

MKDM can work with your organization to launch or build a monthly giving program designed to enhance donor loyalty and giving, while also saving trees and costs.

We can also work with you to build mid-level and major giving programs to invite and recognize higher levels of philanthropy to your mission. For both monthly giving and mid-level giving programs, MKDM services include strategy development, targeting, program identity development and messaging, implementation and monitoring of results.

Direct Response Performance Analysis, Benchmarking and Analytics Services

A successful membership program depends on ready access to current, accurate results, consistently measured and displayed in an actionable, easy-to-understand manner.

From regular email and segmentation reporting, to cost/income tracking, to complex reports such as lifetime value and conversion analysis, MKDM helps our clients to develop a deeper understanding of their donor files and gain the information required to create successful long-term membership programs.

MKDM’s reporting and analytics services include:

  • Overall ongoing monitoring of program results, analysis and strategic recommendations.
  • Comprehensive benchmark analyses including lifetime value, attrition and retention, upgrade/downgrade trends, and source/channel ROI analysis.
  • Custom reporting for closer study of donor behavior and formulation of program strategies.