Charlotte Faulconer

Production Director

With millions of donor communications produced under her management each year, Charlotte Faulconer brings to MKDM clients deep experience in direct mail production management and multichannel direct marketing process and scheduling integration. As Production Director, Charlotte coordinates all supplier services, manages integrated campaign production calendars, and collaborates with account staff to ensure that all MKDM projects are on time, in budget and error-free.

Charlotte works with a large network of supplier resources individually chosen for their track record of providing the highest quality services and products at the best price to our clients. In addition to her role in assuring the utmost quality of direct mail and online campaigns, Charlotte provides development operations support and counsel to MKDM clients encompassing caging, reporting, postal and state registration functions.

Charlotte has a background in online and print production art, and has also worked as a copywriter and editor for numerous print publications. She graduated from James Madison University with a B.S. in Media Arts and Design.